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We hear it all the time from our clients, they know exactly what needs to change in their marketing strategy, but they don’t know how to implement it.  Does that resonate with your business?

Is This your current situation?

Our team is ready to help if you're experiencing any of these difficulties:

  • Your website isn’t very visible
  • You’ve experienced an inexplicable decrease in site traffic
  • You’re receiving less calls and leads than before 
  • You’re working on a new website and you want to generate an audience right away

If you're dealing with any of the above scenarios – we can help you! Just as we have helped hundreds of clients in need of smart, strategic SEO marketing before you. We are search engine optimization experts, equipped to comply with the ever changing Google SEO standards.

Our SEO expertise is the answer 

We Are Committed to Expanding Your Online Presence

Our SEO Services

Rank Higher in Search Engines and Expand Awareness of Your Website

We’ve employed our SEO savvy for the past 15 years to help companies build brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales. We use data centric methods to guide and effectively implement SEO, that helped our clients to grow.

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Keyword Research 

We perform a deep dive to engage your target audience through carefully selected and optimized keywords. We work closely with you to determine your existing rankings, conduct dedicated keyword research, and incorporate your desired keywords to compile a collection of effective keywords that we will optimize to rank highly within your niche.

Link Building

Link Building 

Our link building specialists work to create a focused and relevant backlink profile that increases your search rankings while building authority into your domain. Only links that build a strong foundation of trust and recognition of your brand are considered.  This is a vital step towards consistently achieving highly-ranked search results for your brand.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO 

Our approach to technical SEO is methodical in nature. We review all levels, from site taxonomy, page structure, load server to all code base elements before setting out our SEO strategy that will allow for traffic and rankings. Our team leaves no stone unturned to make sure your back-end is running smoothly and search engines on your side!

Local SEO

Local SEO

Studies have determined that 64% of people find local businesses through online local SEO listings. You want to be at the top of the search pile to reel in all of those potential customers! We enhance your Google My Business (GMB) profile and online reputation to ensure you're reaching local customers with every search.

On-page SEO

On-Page SEO

Your site should be abundant with high-value content, impactful headings, and striking images – we can provide all of that, and more, to ensure your website is seen in the best possible light. Our on-page SEO experts will foster brand credibility among your consumers.

Off-page SEO

Off-Page SEO

We employ every tool in our arsenal to build trust and visibility for your brand. By managing effective social media, influencer marketing, in addition to creating high-quality links, we will get the word out about your business to the right people! Allow us to highlight the proficiency and necessity of your brand.

Shopify SEO

Shopify is at the top of the charts for eCommerce success. By working with our experts, you’ll gain insights into how to improved your overall experience.  We can provide Shopify SEO audits, custom web design, paid advertising while providing dedicated support.  

Shopify SEO

eCommerce SEO

eCommerce is a competitive market, and your brand needs to rise above the rest. We optimize your website for mobile and desktop, to better improve your customer's experience which helps to increase conversions and retention. We also provide eCommerce SEO for Walmart Marketplace integrations to expand your sales volume.

Content Writing

Content Writing

Consistent, unique and high-quality content is the way to engage with your potential customer while also soaring to the top of search engine rankings. Our skillful writing team creates impactful SEO rich content for your website. Not only will we write new posts, but we also optimize existing pages. We will help you climb those search rankings with ease!


Conversion Rate Optimization

Once we’ve boosted your visibility through our dedicated SEO services, we work together to ensure website traffic reliably converts to sales leads. Through pay-per-click advertising, website analysis, landing page optimization, and A/B split testing, we will amplify your conversions and enhance your sales figures.

Franchise SEO

Franchise SEO

If you operate a franchise, our multi-location franchise SEO services can ignite your earning potential. Through location-specific content, effective Nextdoor advertising, and bespoke web designs, our qualified team will build a lasting stream of customer leads.

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Track Record of Success

Over 15 years, we have helped businesses of all sizes successfully expand their digital presence through strategic online marketing practices. We onboard only the most dedicated and passionate SEO experts and work as a cohesive team to amplify our talents and your digital footprint.

Committed SEO Experts

An effective and comprehensive SEO campaign involves many elements. We do all of the heavy lifting for you, so you can reap the benefits of our expertise. To streamline processes, each of our clients work with dedicated account expert that manages the account and all communications. Your D4TW SEO expert will build a foundation of trust with you and your brand to fully understand your vision and your requirements.

Relationships and Results

The primary drivers of our work are maintaining positive working relationships with each of our clients and delivering tangible, measurable results. No matter the size of your business, we are fully committed to helping you achieve your growth goals.

Constant Improvement

Google is constantly changing its algorithms, and we recognize the value in staying up to the minute on all SEO updates. We have remained leading industry experts by always keeping on top of our craft, honing our practice, and following current trends.

Strict Guidelines

We always remain above board by employing white hat SEO practices to achieve the results you want without cutting corners. We will never resort to spammy SEO tactics that can earn hefty Google penalties. We are committed to your long-term growth, not a quick-fix solution. We are a Google Premier partner because we always prioritize honest and rule-abiding SEO practices.

Actionable Reporting

Our top priority is delivering tangible results. Unlike many companies in our industry, we provide reports with clear insights and actionable next steps so you will always know exactly how your campaigns are doing. You can expect complete access to your online client portal, Google Analytics reports clarifying your site’s SEO performance, frequently updated keyword rankings, a monthly report of our SEO undertakings, and a monthly video review outlining the SEO work we have completed, and future approaches.

Why are D4TW's SEO services ahead of the competition?

We Use A Proven & Transparent SEO Methodology That Works

Design For the web & SEO

We provide a full suite of digital marketing SEO services to amplify your brand awareness.
We employ current, ethical, white hat SEO services, including:

  • Bespoke SEO campaign, personalized to your company’s individual voice and requirements. We customize our approach to most effectively reach your audience.
  • Comprehensive keyword research and market analysis.
  • Dedicated research on what your competitors are doing.
  • Article distribution to relevant websites, social media, and news outlets.
  • Effective onsite SEO (title tags, alt tags, meta descriptions, internal linking, and more).
  • Unique and high-impact content creation to keep your customers coming back again and again.
  • Handcrafted link building through a variety of high authority sites.
  • Organic SEO strategies to build lasting success, alongside paid advertising for immediate results, if relevant to your needs.
  • Data tracking (e.g., Google Analytics) to adapt to current trends and traffic patterns.

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Our Agile Approach to SEO

Our Clients Realizing It Works is Our Goal

Effective search engine optimization is not creating just one strategy and hoping for impact. SEO best practices are always changing. If you want to remain at the top of search results, your strategy needs to be evolving and adapted. This is nearly impossible for a business to keep up with if they do not have a dedicated team working on consistently updating and improving their SEO strategically.

D4TW creates fully customized SEO strategies targeted towards your brand’s particular niche. We draw on time-tested practices to deliver tangible results that you can rely on.

We use an Agile SEO approach to develop a strong foundation of SEO to bring lasting value for your company.

guided by the following Agile SEO principles 



We recognize the importance of fully comprehending your company’s needs and to tailor an approach that deliver the results you’re looking for. In the initial discovery stage, we'll analyze your website, meet with the key stakeholders and compile achievable KPIs, construct conversion funnels, and conduct in-depth keyword research. This will give us a clear picture of your business goals and the strategy needed to realize them

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In the analysis phase, we will review all of the data pertaining to your company’s online presence. Our experts will analyze your link building techniques, technical on-page concerns, traffic patterns, and competitors’. By auditing your site and gauging it against your competitors, we can build the most effective custom SEO strategy to meet your growth goals.

Strategy Icon


After deep-diving into your business and marketing needs, we will work with you to develop a 90-day dedicated SEO campaign. We will outline your marketing goals, predicted outcomes, and expected completion time. Our approach will begin with prioritizing  all elements to achieve the fastest and most effective results.

Execute Icon


This is when we really get into implementing your SEO campaign. We use the results of our keyword research to optimize your site content, enhance the structure of your website, and manage your business listings. We employ a multi-channel approach to your SEO campaign, including social media management and third-party site partnerships to expand your visibility.

Measure Icon


Throughout our entire working relationship, we will provide you with in-depth monitoring to track the development of your marketing strategies and the effects of our implementations. This includes measuring your keyword rankings, KPIs, and site analytics, along with organic traffic, bounce and conversion rates, local visibility, and click-through rates. Keeping close track of your progress gives us a foundation for future direction.

Report Icon


We are committed to open communication and transparency, which is why we hold regular meetings and monthly reporting with your project managers. Our reporting on your site performance includes traffic, ranking, and KPI reports. We also deliver a monthly 90-day blueprint to give you an idea of where your campaign is headed. Keeping you informed of your campaign’s progress through tangible and accurate reporting is a top priority.

We understand that it’s important for your business to make sound investment choices that will pay off. What makes SEO valuable is it works 24/7 to bring in leads and expand brand visibility – so that you don’t have to.

Skillful SEO will deliver your brand to your desired audience and generate conversions well into the future.

Our years of SEO success guides our decisions to deliver lasting results for our clients. We also count on effective SEO practices for the success of our own business.

Think about this: How did you come to land on this page? Was it through a search engine? If the answer is yes, you’re seeing our SEO expertise working in action. Let us achieve the same results for your business.

Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

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